Hyundai Holidays 2020 'Workshop"
Hyundai Holidays 2020 'New Toy"
Hyundai Holidays 2019
December is a make or break month in the car business. And for Hyundai, December 2019 was hugely important as its annual market share had slipped slightly four out of the last five years. We decided to continue with the previous Fall's "Take a Long Look" campaign, only this time with a holiday spin. And it worked. By the time 2019 debuted, Hyundai sales were up almost 8% over the previous year while the overall industry saw a decline of -2.5%.
"Early Adopter"
From broadcast to POS, twitter to radio and social to mobile geo-conquesting, Hyundai Holidays is a full 360° effort across all fronts.
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Hyundai Holidays 2018 "Janitor"